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I haven’t been to Union Station in years, but my company is working with the new owners on the conversion of the mall into something else, so I was at Union Station yesterday.

I had forgotten how magnificent this place is. Absolutely gorgeous. Really, my words fail me, all I know is there is some green glazed brick tiles that are to die for in the lobby.

What a treasure. Unions Station is one of transportation’s most amazing temples.

These photos aren’t the best, I was just there to document the building, not take art photos, I couldn’t linger the way I wanted to!


2 Responses to “Union Station is Amazing”

  1. RyleyinSTL Says:

    Completely agree! Amazing in there isn’t it. A complete shame about the current state of affairs in the train shed. I can’t wait to see the place re-purposed into something else. Hopefully it will give the place some new life.

    You know, it really is a shame that you can’t board a train there anymore (once the busiest station in the USA). Wouldn’t Union Station been as good a place as any for the city to have built it’s bus/train/transit station?

  2. Brick City Says:

    I would love to see passengers departing from the station again. There is talk of something like that happening, but I’m not sure of the specifics.

    You know, despite the lack of retailers in the mall, I was pretty glad to see that the station, train shed and all, is maintained and in pretty good shape.

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