Story of a City Dweller

I think that there are times when even the most outspoken and ardent city lover will admit that it can be difficult to love St. Louis. I’m having a moment.

Architecture, history, amazing parks, what’s not to love about the city? People peeing on the street, panhandlers, crime, really bad government officials, so much unrealized potential…urban life can be challenging at times.

I could never live in the suburbs, but I’d be lying if I said the thought of moving there never crossed my mind. There are times when the quiet blandness of suburban life appeals to me. That feeling disappears quickly when I go home to St. Charles to visit my parents. The low density subdivisions, the vinyl siding and lack of brick and the really horrible architecture all remind me that the suburban part of my life is over.

Sometimes it is tough to love St. Louis. Just like a child who is unruly, you may hate the behavior, but you could never hate the kid…that kind of sums up my relationship with St. Louis. I love you and you are amazing, but straighten up already!


3 Responses to “Tough Love”

  1. Chris Says:

    I’m right there with ya, I grew up in Lake St. Louis and now live on Washington Ave. You more or less summed up what I was thinking the other day as well, props!


  2. Adam Says:

    I feel you. As for panhandlers and pee, however, we’ve got it pretty good in St. Louis. I just got back from San Fran–an amazing city no doubt, but the panhandlers and pee are a couple orders of magnitude worse. And if you really want to count your blessings, take a trip to Kolkata, India…

  3. Brian Says:

    Most downtown areas in big cities have a lot of those problems. The benefits of living there vastly outweigh the negatives. Let’s all agree to stay out of the suburbs for as long as possible.

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