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It always amazes me that no matter how easy you make something, stupid people will inevitably ruin the process for the rest of us. In this case, I’m talking about recycling.

I was thrilled when the city announced it would place recycling bins in the alleys for residents. Sure, I wasn’t super crazy about the additional cost, but honestly, it doesn’t bug me that much. I like being able to walk to the alley an recycle and am willing to pay for the service.

But, of course, silly neighbors have to be lazy. Boxes aren’t broken down, boxes are left outside the bin when its empty because someone doesn’t want to break down their box and put it in the slot, items that aren’t recyclable are placed in the bin. Why can’t people just follow the rules or read the big colorful sticker on the front of the bin that tells you exactly what to do and what can and can’t be recycled?

The recycle bin is right outside my garage, so I get to see the trials and tribulations of the recycling efforts daily, maybe that’s why it’s on my mind right now. But, come on neighbors, read the instructions and make recycling work!

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One Response to “Recylce Rage”

  1. RyleyinSTL Says:

    This drives me bloody nuts as well. It is clear that some of my neighbors are to stupid to understand how this recycle thing works….which is sad because there isn’t much else going on in the city that is simpler to grasp.

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