Story of a City Dweller

A family member of mine moved recently into a 4-family flat in the Southwest Garden neighborhood near the Botanical Garden. It’s a really nice little slice of the neighborhood that I don’t often see.

While at a party at his new apartment, I couldn’t help but wonder about the people that have come before. Who were they and what kinds of lives they led. I love old buildings not only for their architecture, but for the secrets they hide. I work in a building that is almost 120 years old and at times I get so curious about the businesses and people that have passed through its doors. Why are these crazy steps located where they are? What was the cavernous room my desk is in used for? Were the times really better 100 years ago? Old photographs make the 19th century look so magical and romantic. There are times when I wish I could just jump into a black and white photograph and experience the city of the past…but, you know, I’d want to take all my toys and electronic gadgets with me!

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