Story of a City Dweller

The wood floors in my house creak, and I sorta love the sound. It’s kind of like the house is talking to you.

Some people hate it when their floors make noise and go to great lengths to silence them, but I figure after 72 years, those floors have earned the right to creak!

Last night I told my S.O. that I never want to live in a new construction house. I’ll take creaky floors and plaster walls over carpet and drywall every day of the week.


One Response to “Creakin’”

  1. John Says:

    Our steps are creaky, so at least the kids won’t be able to sneak in at night when they’re older. I can see why people like carpet for the softness and warmth, but they’re a pain to keep clean and have to be replaced much more often, not to mention all the dust and allergens they harbor. Even newer houses that have “wood” floors often have laminates, which still isn’t as good as the real thing.

    Drywall has only one advantage over plaster – hanging stuff on the walls. Those anchors they make now are pretty nice. But plaster is far superior for noise reduction and strength. Houses with drywall just seem paper-thin – sounds travel all around. Plus you can put holes in them by running into them. Old plaster walls with break your arm. I think they paint up better, too. Plus nobody has decorative drywall walls or ceilings.

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